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1800 623 957 Free-call Australia
(+612) 9815 2480 other countries
AEST 9:00am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday
excluding public holidays


1800 638 824 Free-fax Australia
(+612) 9815 2813 other countries


Laubman & Pank Direct
PO Box 1908 Macquarie Centre
North Ryde NSW 2113
Luxottica Retail Australia Pty Ltd. ABN 26 000 025 758 Level 6, 75 Talavera Road, North Ryde NSW 2113 Australia

Frequently asked questions

Can I claim through my private health fund?

Yes. We supply an itemised receipt for you to attach to your private health fund claim. Please check with your heath fund if you are unsure what optical allowance your policy includes.
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How does Laubman & Pank Direct view my prescriptions if I order online?

For Australian and NZ orders, Laubman & Pank Direct is required to sight your contact lens prescription. While ordering, you will be given the following options:
  • If your contact lens prescription is with Laubman & Pank Direct, there is no need for you to resend it.
  • You can send a copy of your contact lens prescription to us by facsimile or email
  • Laubman & Pank Direct will be pleased to contact your optometrist for you

For delivery to other countries, you will be asked to enter your contact lens parameters. A prescription is not required for orders delivered to countries other than Australia and NZ.
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Do I need a prescription for contact lenses?

Yes. In Australia and NZ, contact lenses can not be sold without a valid contact lens prescription. Your optometrist or ophthalmologist will provide you with a contact lens prescription once he or she has determined the most suitable lens for you. To arrange an eye examination with your local Laubman & Pank Direct optometrist, please call 13 20 20 or click on the link to find your nearest Laubman & Pank store.
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How are the contact lenses delivered?

Laubman & Pank Direct Direct can deliver to your work or home and can usually accommodate special delivery requirements. Delivery is by courier or express post. Delivery for Australia and NZ is AU$6.95 and takes approximately 3-6 working days. Delivery time is subject to stock availability (Laubman & Pank Direct holds the largest range of contact lenses in Australia). FREE standard delivery to Australia or NZ when you buy online 6 months supply or more of lenses.
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I can't get a copy of my contact lens prescription?

You are entitled to a copy of your contact lens prescription. If you suspect that your prescription is being withheld to ensure you purchase lenses from that practice, please call us to discuss options.
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Do I need a prescription for coloured contact lenses?

Yes. Even if they are only plano lenses (have no visual correction). Although you can choose the colour, only an optometrist of ophthalmologist is qualified to know which type, size and lens material is most suitable for your eyes.
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How do I know which contact lenses to order?

There are many different brands and types of contact lenses. As well as having different optical properties, they come in a variety of sizes and are made of different advanced materials. Due to the specialised nature of contact lenses, you will need to have your eyes examined by and optometrist or ophthalmologist who will recommend the most suitable contact lenses for you. If appropriate, he or she will explain the difference between daily, fortnightly, monthly and extended wear disposable lenses.
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Can I use my spectacle prescription to buy contacts?

No. A contact lens prescription is different from a spectacle prescription.
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What if my prescription changes?

Laubman & Pank Direct Direct will exchange unopened boxes for lenses matching your new prescription.
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